hi there.
i'm kel.
wifey. married for 8-1/2 years.
momma to 4 amazing girlies.
daughter to the best momma.
sister. i'm the oldest of 4.
friend. my friends rock. well, most of them anyway. ;)
i'm the one who laughs at inappropriate times.
i get jokes 5 minutes later. and crack up when everyone else has moved on.
i'm a teeny bopper trapped in a 30-something. i heart taylor swift & boy bands.
speaking of music, i have weird taste - hip hop and "total eclipse of the heart" are faves.
and i'm much more.
and now i'm a blogger. or rather wanna be blogger.
i started blogging because i have postpartum depression.
it's nasty.
i need an outlet.
so, that's me.
thanks for being here.

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