Wednesday, September 26, 2012

.see saw margery daw.

the upside to a higher dose is that i (gasp) feel slightly sane sometimes. 
like, i kinda feel almost like myself.
i don't want to jinx it.
but there i said it.

the downside is the diarrhea.
sorry if that's tmi, but i'm about keeping it real here.
all da time kinda thing.
every time there's an increase i'm plagued by it for a couple weeks all day long. 
then it lessens to not all day.
last night it lead to throwing up.
for an hour.
into a trashcan because i was... yep.
having diarrhea at the same freaking time.

but if i feel slightly sane & can slightly function - WORTH IT.
i mean, today i took the kids outside.
by myself. 
and played red light green light.
and got the mail.
and wasn't in my pj's.
and my hair and teeth were BRUSHED.
and i had showered.
and had dinner in the oven.
and even had on some make-up.

people, this hasn't happened forevs.
all that at the same time?

so the see saw of side effects vs. the overall end product of taking it = worth it.

and because i'm a nut case i was thinking - hey! i'm losing weight this way, so at least that's a plus.

my dr was talking about how she is looking forward to me one day telling her i'm ready to wean off. i love her. 
the hot hubby told me he sees me getting s-l-o-w-l-y better. i love him.

ok, that's it. sorry for a post about my bodily functions, but ya know - i had no clue. ppd is just full of all sorts of fun surprises. 

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  1. This post makes me so incredibly happy for you. YAY!!!
    But Noooooo to the diarrhea.