Sunday, September 16, 2012

.confession time.

kim over at all work and no play makes mommy go something something has a secret mommy-hood confession saturday category to her blog. i LOVE it. and i heart kim, so go to her blog. seriously.

i doing a confession. today is sunday, but it happened on a saturday & it's my blog, so here we go - saturday confession on a sunday.

yesterday in the middle of the birthday party i was hosting i took a nap. last minute cancellations due to sick kids, etc left me with a little too much time listening to the in-laws say 5 million times they wish we had a boy, it's so sad we don't have a boy. how could i not have had a boy. it's my fault in case you didn't know. saying this all to me. to my kids. it's so helpful. even more helpful is saying this to my mom. wtf?
so when it was time to put the baby down i ditched my coffee & cake, which was delish btw, and took her from my hot hubby's arms.
"wow, looks like she'll fight going down. i may be gone for a little while."
"what? she looks ready to fall asleep to me." he said with a confused look.
"um, no. not at all. she's too tired. you know, when babies are overly tired they have a hard time going down. it takes forevs."
& with that i rushed upstairs, so girlie wouldn't fall asleep right there and ruin my plan.
she's a doll though & let out a scream right before I got into my room. yeah, she knew what was up. she gets snuggle time & i get a nap. win-win.
i closed the gate at the top of the stairs, turned my fan on high & closed my door. i promptly fell asleep.
i must have been upstairs way too long because i heard the gate open (it ALWAYS wakes me up when it opens. hence closing it. my eyes would be open if hubby came to find me. terrible, i know.)
"babe, what are you doing??"
"she's almost fully asleep. i will be down soon."
"ok. wow. really? thought she'd be down long ago. were you asleep?"
"babe, did you just ask me if i actually fell asleep during your party? does that sound like me???"
he stared at me, winked & went down. it was never discussed again. he is a seasoned husband. seriously, i love him.
i took a few more minutes & came down.
finished my coffee & ate a little bit more of my cake. in the kitchen by myself. everyone was finished. score!

see, pre-ppd i wanted to do this kinda thing. now, in the trenches - i just do it. i was tired of the m-i-l, so i peaced out. and it felt good. and i am freaking doing this every time she is over from now on. i am trying to think how to do it next time we have to get to go to her house.

i took a nap during a joint birthday party i was hosting for my daughter's 3rd & hubby's birthdays.

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  1. hee hee..I'd totally do this but my husband would hunt me down because he doesn't like talking to my MIL either...hahaha