Friday, August 10, 2012

.triggers & numbness.

at the wedding last night when i was trying my best to not have a total and complete meltdown - i noticed my foot/ toes went numb. it happened during what felt like complete panic setting in.
i googled it just now and saw that numbness like that is normal in a panic attack.
weird thing - one tip of a toe is still numb today on and off.
so now i'm convinced i have an anxiety disorder, ppd and will need my toe amputated.

and here is another thing - i've been trying to see what triggers anxiety. are there patterns, etc?
the answer is yes.
my children all freaking out at once.
being the only adult present.
making meals.
being where there are lots of people.
so basically, my life. awesomesauce.
that's helpful to know. because i don't feel guilty enough as is that i cannot do this.

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