Wednesday, August 15, 2012

.rocking the random.

*to the lady in target who was screaming at the donuts because they didn't have the kind she wanted, i love you. your very loud yelling made me feel normal. i wanted to hug you as you had a meltdown solo in the aisle and tell you it would be ok. i need to apologize, however, for using you to make myself feel better about me. "at least i'm not full on crazy yelling at donuts in a store and not caring that people are staring." i'm sorry. does it help that i almost lost it when they were out of low fat yoplait raspberry yogurt? hope you find the donuts you are seeking in another store soon.

*i'm in olympic withdraw. i miss me some gymnastics.

*due to the muffin being officially our last baby i cannot bring myself to make her man up just yet in certain areas. i let her fall asleep in my arms all the time. if she's hungry i feed her and don't try to hold her off. she is still in our room sleeping due to major reflux issues. i don't see my letting her in her room for a couple extra months. sigh. i'm the oldest and said i would never ever treat my youngest different than my oldest. my baby brother was so babied. and here i am doing it. sorry, momma, for giving you a hard time in my teen angst ways. i get it now.

*we homeschool (more on that later). most homeschool mommas freak me out. confession - i think it is freaking boring to chat about it unless we are discussing some specific reason. it's like chatting about the weather just because. lame.

*i am obsessed with special k multi-grain crackers. go buy them & enjoy them. yummy.

*i don't like taylor swift's new single. it's a bummer. i enjoy channeling my inner teeny bopper, so i was disappointed i don't like it. guess it's back to "you belong with me".

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