Monday, August 6, 2012


ok, so is it just me or does ppd do something to you in that you want to use swear words all.the.time?
i used to talk like a sailor.
but haven't for almost a decade.
it doesn't come to mind anymore.
until i had the muffin & ppd.
what is up with that?
i drop the f bomb in my mind close to 5 million times a day.
not keen on the kids saying it, so i'm trying to keep it inside.
but really - is it just me?

*side note: not judging those who do swear all the time. not even close. just my personal decision not to anymore like 10 years ago. gosh, i'm freaking old when things are 10 years ago & you're not talking about being 12.

oh yeah, and i quit smoking like 10 years ago as well & guess what i want all.the.time now?
yep, give me a coors light & a marlboro light & i'd be one super happy chick.
except for the part where i'd hack up my dinner because i haven't smoked in so long.
that wouldn't be happy.
but you know what i mean.

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