Monday, August 6, 2012

.finding a dr.

so i finally got some good recommendations for a psychiatrist. overlapping names from different sources = a good thing.
BUT then i checked with our insurance. only 1 of them is covered.
so i googled her, obviously.
really bad reviews mixed with really awesome reviews. no in-between.
i was telling the hot hubby about it & he was quiet.
me: "you can say it."
him: "no way."
me:"it's ok."
him: "nope."
me: "really."
he was quiet again. so i said it, "what can i expect with fellow crazy people leaving reviews? catch me on a good day & i'd leaving a great review. catch me on a bad day... i'd totally rip the same doctor apart. so she could be amazing. then again, a bad dr is a bad dr. i don't think there's a way to know if it's the case of upset unstable people like myself pissed off at her or the case of a bad dr. "
him: "exactly."

so what to do? the complaints about her were not things i care about. it was stuff like she wants to get paid every single time you go in. ummm... so does my primary care dr & my ob/gyn. and things like she just gave me my medications after we talked & said i'd benefit from a therapist. ummmm... ?????  and the weirdest thing was some people complained she doesn't have a secretary, but other reviewers were like what are you talking about - yes she does. ?????????

yeah, so i don't know. anyone have experience in this? i personally just want her to help me figure out a med dose that will work.

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