Saturday, August 18, 2012

.cat calls.

dear 19 & 20 year old boys in the car next to me earlier,
thanks so much that all 6 of you illegally packed into your smart car that clearly your dad bought found my beauty so amazing you could not control your comments.
"hey guys, look at her. i'd do her" said the boy in the front passenger seat as he pointed to me. his window down. my window down.
"yeah, she's a doable mom." said the driver.
"i'd hit it." said one the fine young gentlemen in the backseat.
yes, you noticed all FOUR kids in my car. the minivan. i hate minivans. we needed one. but still.
you then proceeded to make cat calls at me.
i am vain. i fully admit it.
BUT not that vain.
i mean, did you think i'd give you my number and say call me maybe?
this ain't the movie the graduate, yo.
and thanks that i needed to explain you guys to my daughters. 
i was able to use you as an illustration.
"you bring home a boy like that - we will disown you." kidding.
i hope you found better luck with the ladies in your age bracket.
just so you know, if i were 20 & you did that to me i'd flip you the bird and be making fun of you for ages with my friends.
seriously, just a thought - that may not attract the kind of girl you are looking for longterm. or at least i hope not. second thought, it probs will.
best of luck,
me - the hot mom

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