Friday, August 10, 2012

.blew out my flip flop, stepped on a poptart.

i haven't been able to figure out what is relaxing & helpful. i've tried quite a few things to no avail.
then this morning the hot hubby took the older 2 for most of the day. baby was screaming because she was tired & the 2 year old was a hot mess with her sisters being gone. it was a little much for this mommy who didn't get great sleep.
so i put them in the car.
put in a jimmy buffett's great hits cd.
turned the volume up.
opened the sun room.
put the windows down.
and drove into the country.
baby was asleep in minutes.
2 year old was on watch for cows & horses & barns.
with the promise of mcdonald's crap for lunch if she was joyful & not fussy - she was a doll.
and we drove.
i wore a cute sundress that is way too short (like if i even think of bending over -not even actually bending over -i'd moon ya) but way comfy.
so there it is.
jimmy buffett, the open road, blue skies, wind in my hair, cute dress & peaceful children.

the magic thing for me.
at least today it was.

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