Tuesday, August 21, 2012

.because momma feels like barfing.

why can't we go outside? it's so nice out!
because momma feels like barfing.

why are you letting us watch a movie so early today???
because momma feels like barfing.

is that the answer to everything today, momma?
yep. pretty much.

God bless the dr who finally is helping me with a medication adjustment. she doubled my zoloft Rx.
i forgot that for the 1st few weeks all i want to do is throw up & feel as though i have been hit by a truck. and i'm utterly exhausted. i guess i was in such a deep fog when i went on it for the 1st time i forgot all this.
well, here's to it working again.
and here's to a hubby who will have to deal with me. and who i know will do so patiently and lovingly. he needs a trophy, yo. 
and so do my kids. although i'm sure they will eat up the extra movie time. 

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