Tuesday, July 31, 2012


i made dinner last night. mexican lime soup - recipe here.
(my modifications - used all chicken broth & no water. added in 1 tsp cumin & used marojam in place of mexican oregano. added cilantro & baked tortilla chips to bowl when serving.)
it turned out delish. i can say that because everyone ate it all up.

something about me - i love to cook and bake.
i have been so frustrated that i haven't been able to do either at all much or when i try it's just pretty nasty.
it seems too overwhelming to even try most days.
i mean, i feed my family, of course.
but so often it's look! poptart lunch, girlies. which they love no doubt. 
or hey! check it out - breakfast for dinner. cereal.
and thank you, Lord, for the deli counter. deli sandwiches have been a dinner staple as well.
it has been humbling to go from making naan from scratch to not being able to even think through making a simple meal.
it makes me angry sometimes.
cooking and baking is something i do with my daughters. seems like just one more thing taken during this difficult season. 
they don't understand why mommy can't.
heck, mommy hardly understands why mommy can't.

as i began taking items out & placing them on the counter, my oldest beamed.
"that's a lot of stuff to cook with! and that's a whole lot of limes!"
"i know! maybe i need some help. what do you think?"
"hmmmm... where i can find a helper? "
"mommy! (laughing) right here! me!"
"oh, yeah! my favorite 6 year old."
"i'm glad you feel better this afternoon, mommy."
"me too, babes."

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